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The Base Touring is the machine for the professional that needs ultimate output and ultimate control.
Base Touring haze machine by Haze Base America in Miami.
The high output units feature a 700W fan built in giving the ability to push the dense out put further and quicker than previously seen. Utilizing the clever air diverter positioned at the front of the unit, It now becomes a huge haze effect filling stadiums in a fraction of the time.

The Base Touring reaches operation in less than 14 minutes. It can be controlled via DMX using only one channel or built in onboard timer. Wired and wireless controllers are also available.

Hazebase water-based fluid is designed for any environment. From a quick dissipation to a dense fog that will hang in the air. The unit can run continuously at 50%.
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Extreme output, road warrior
Control via DMX or a variable stand-alone built in timer or DMX operation.
The Base Touring is a 2600-Watt 230V/50Hz. With a 700W controllable Fan. Full operation is achievable in less than 14 minuets.
Efficient fluid consumption ranges from 120ml/min at minimum output to 240 ml/min maximum output.
Four choices of pharmaceutical grade, water-based fluid designed specifically for Hazebase.
Stand alone mode, radio remote (option)
Power supply
230 V AC, 50 Hz
Vaporizing fog generator
Power requirement
2600 W / 50 Hz, plus 700 W fan
Warm up time
Approx. 7 min.
Fluid consumption
At max. output 240 ml/min; at cont. output 120 ml/min
Fluid tank capacity
5 Liter
Fog output
Adjustable in steps à 1% ( 0-99)
Fogging time
At 100% output approx. 60 sec; at < 50% output continuous output
DMX 512; 0-10 V analog internal timer
Temperature control
Microprocessor controlled
Overheating protection
Heater block/thermostat pump/thermal switch
Dimensions (L x B x H )
96 x 38,1 x 69 cm
Weight without fluid
70 kg
Designed for any environment
Base Touring
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