HazeBase Fog Fluid has been specially formulated to work in any situation.
Base Fog Fluid by Haze Base America in Miami.
This is a clean fluid that disperses smoothly through the air at many chosen outputs. The fluids are designed at 4 dissipation rates:

Base Q – Quick dissipation of less than 15 seconds
Base M – Medium dissipation of around 60 seconds
Base L – Long lasting effect of around 3 Minutes
Base XL – Xtreme Long Lasting for maximum effect

The pure water is filtered a minimum of 3 times and passed through a UV light ensuring an elongated shelf life and the chemicals are all pharmaceutical grade. This fluid is not only safe for use but is extremely effective at any output.

Pure versatility
Fluid made from ultra-purified water, UV treated and pharmaceutical grade chemicals.
Durable, double lined, cardboard transport box for the 5 Liter. Four, 5 Liter bottles to one case.
Clean fluid
Available sizes
5 Liter, 25 Liter and 200 Liter Drum
Shelf life
Over 12 months
Pure versatility

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