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The Base Hazer Pro is designed for versatility, efficiency and reliability.
Base Hazer Pro machine by Haze Base America in Miami.
Utilized on thousands of world wide tours, this rugged machine can create effects from the finest mist to the densest haze.

The Base Hazer Pro reaches operation in less that 60 seconds and has a built-in cleaning cycle every time the unit is shut down. Designed to run at a very low noise level.

Base Hazer Pro fluid is water based and extremely efficient. The unit can run for as much as 135 hours on a 5-liter bottle of fluid.
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Rugged reliability
Control via a variable stand-alone operation with built in timer or DMX operation.
German made, Amptown Road Case Company designed a rugged housing for the unit and internal pumps are fitted with shock absorption.
The Base Hazer Pro is either an Efficient 1500-Watt 230V/50Hz or 1200-Watt 110v/60Hz. Full operation is achievable in less than 60 seconds.
Automatic cleaning cycle set on shutdown, ensures that the unit is stored correctly after every operation.
Pharmaceutical grade, water-based fluid designed specifically for the Base Hazer Pro.
Mounting and control accessories are available for complete versatility for multiple applications.
Cable remote (option)
1500 Watt, 230 V AC, 50 Hz; 110 V AC, 60 Hz optional
Haze machine without compressor
Warm up time
Approx. 60 seconds
Fluid tank capacity
5 Liter
Integrated Fan
> 6000 l/min
Haze density
DMX 512; 0-10 V analogue
Dimensions (L x W x H)
59.4 x 54 x 18.5 cm - closed flightcase; 41.4 x 54 x 18.5 cm - open flightcase
18 kg
Run at a very low noise level
Base Hazer Pro 1
Base Hazer Pro 2
Base Hazer Pro 3
Base Hazer Pro 4
Related products, options, and accessories
Base Haze Fluid
Base Haze Fluid
Base Pro Haze Fluid has been specially formulated specifically for the Base Hazer.
Base Flyer Rack
Designed for the Base Hazer Pro, this industrial steel frame is powder coated black. The unit is rust resistant and welded to the finest standards. The Base Hazer Pro slides into the frame and can be easily be mounted in areas that are hard to reach. The unit is designed so that the lids can be attached with no need for any disassembly.
Base Wired Remote Control
This rugged remote is easy to set up and use. Connect with several Hasebase machines this simple function controller allows for variable smoke output from a distance from the machine. This controller can be hand-held or mounted. Connect via 3 Pin XLR cable.
Remote Control
Base Wireless Remote Control
This controller is simple but effective. Designed to be used with several machines. Plug the receiver into the 3 Pin XLR remote input and the transmitter is a small hand held that can be taken anywhere in the room. Line of site, this remote can reach distances of over 100 Meters with no cables.