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The Base Battery is a battery-powered, mobile fog effect that is designed for flexible use.
Base Battery haze machine by Haze Base America in Miami.
The compact design can travel anywhere without a wire in site.

The patented heating element reaches operation temperature in less than half of a second, so the effect can be used very precisely.

Hazebase battery Fluid has been specifically designed for this unit.
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PDF IconBedienungsanleitung (Deutsch)

Compact power that travels anywhere
Manual operation wired or wireless control options.
The Base Battery 400W output via 12V battery.
Stand alone mode
Power supply
12 V DC; 50/60 Hz
Power heat exchanger
400 W
Warm up time
1 s
Fluid consumption
At 100% output: 10 ml/min
Fogging time
Continuous fogging 10 min or; 150 times a 5 s
12 Volt / 12Ah
Charging time
13-14 hours
Plug connection
Speakon NL4FX
2 x 30A flat fuse
Compact design can travel anywhere without a wire in site
Base Battery 1
Base Battery 2
Base Battery 3
Base Battery 4
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Base BAterry Fluid
Base Battery Fluid
Base Battery Fluid has been specially formulated specifically for the Base Battery.
Base Wireless
Base Wireless Remote Control
This controller is simple but effective. Designed to be used with several machines. Plug the receiver into the 3 Pin XLR remote input and the transmitter is a small hand held that can be taken anywhere in the room. Line of site, this remote can reach distances of over 100 Meters with no cables.