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Powerful, battery-operated safety fog machine.
Base-guard 24V machine.
The Base-Guard 24V is a powerful, battery-operated safety fog machine for use in trucks with a 24V on-board network. Thanks to its unique evaporator technology, the Base-Guard 24V has extremely low power consumption in standby mode, but is still heated in under two seconds and produces thick white fog. Active for up to 4 weeks without reloading. Its very compact dimensions and low weight of less than 7kg enable a wide variety of installation options. Numerous inputs and outputs offer the possibility to connect the Base-Guard 24V to the existing alarm system or to operate it as a standalone device. The fluid tank holds 600ml of highly concentrated special fluid, which creates a very dense, harmless mist. The tank is located inside the device and can be changed without much effort. A sensor monitors the fill level of the fluid cartridge. The content is sufficient for 6 minutes of continuous fog. A PC interface enables parameterization and readout of the internal logbook. The Base-Guard 24V has a fog outlet nozzle that can be swiveled by 60°.
Base Base Guard 24V product pdf file.Product PDF File

Active for up to 4 weeks without reloading
6 minutes of continuous fog.
PC interface.
Produces thick white fog.
Evaporator fog machine
3000 watts
Operating voltage
24 V DC (battery operated)
Heating time
<2 seconds
Standby time
4 weeks (with 22Ah battery)
Fluid consumption
95 ml/min or 3.2 oz/min
Tank capacity
600 ml or 20.2 oz
Ignition, activation, release (trigger low or high active)
Status, errors, external devices
PC via USB
Fog time
Break time
Logbook memory
64 temporary entries, 64 permanent entries
Dimensions (L x W x H)
550 x 135 x 118 mm or 21.6 x 5.3 x 4.6 inches
6500 g or 14 lbs including a full fluid cartridge
Adjustable fog density
Related products, options, and accessories
GuardInspector software
The GuardInspector is an application for Windows to configure the Base-Guard from a PC or Notebook. With this Software, it is possible to test the ins & the outputs and to set the triggering actions. Moreover the internal journal can be read by the GuardInspector.
System requirements
Operating system: at least Windows 7 (64-bit)
Memory space: 20 MB.
Radio remote control
Radio Remote Control
Frequency: 433,62 MHz
Functions: activate and deactivate
Range: 5 m
Battery: 12 V Alkaline
Size (L x W x H): 65 x 36 x 15 mm
Tank lid
Tank Lid With Sensor
Function: level sensor
Principle: optical
Voltage: 5 V DC (from sensorbus)
Interface: Sensorbus
Size (Ø x H): 51 x 21 mm
Base-Guard Fluid by Hazebase in Miami.
Base-Guard Fluid
Available sizes: 600ml for the 24V series or 55ml for the 12V series.